Pro Carto is based in Langebaan, South Africa.

We provide freelance cartographic services and are trained in Cartography, GIS and Design.

With more than 20 years experience as Cartographer and Artist, Elmi combines her art with map making to create a fine combination of artistic yet functional and accurate maps.

Feel free to contact Elmi to discuss your mapping needs.

Maps carry an aura about them. It does not matter whether they are old or modern or what subject matter they portray. Most people are immediately fascinated by a map the moment they see it. Maybe it is because maps are perceived as something that can be relied upon. ¬†They give direction, information, clarity and ….. “truth”…..

Our latest project is a street map series of the Towns on the West Coast. Up to date we have published maps for Saldanha, Vredenburg, Paternoster and Langebaan. We are currently busy with the second edition of the Langebaan map and are also working on a map for St Helena Bay.  These maps are available at various information centres.

The Langebaan fishing and activities map is available at selected stores in Langebaan and Saldanha.
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